Dog Birthday 2016

Puppy Birthday!

If you follow me on social media, you know I love animals. Heck, I have 4 of them! 2 cats and 2 dogs. They complete my little family and definitely keep my home full of life and unexpected adventures. Dixie was a rescue from the local shelter before I met my husband. I saw her in her little cage shaking and I knew I had to save her right then and there. I took her home that weekend. They don’t know what kind of breed she is but the shelter said she is a Golden Retriever, Australian Shepherd mix. She is the sweetest dog ever and lets the little brat trample all over her. Speaking of little brat, the Shih Tzu’s name is Cooper. If you can’t tell from the under bite below, he runs the house. He steals all the toys, eats every animals food except for his own and always gets his way.

Cooper’s birthday is on the 16th of July and Dixie’s birthday is on the 26th of July, since they are so close together we tend to celebrate them on the same day since they will play with each others toys anyway. They got rawhide bones too and they always steal each others! haha.

Here’s to wishing my babies a happy birthday!

Happy 2nd Birthday Cooper! <3

Happy 5th Birthday Dixie! <3

Shih tzu dog birthday turns two toy

Look at that under bite! It get more and more prominent as the years pass.

dog toy shih tzu birthdayshih tzu jumping for toy

hahahaha. I can’t get over this photo. His bug-eyed excitement for a new toy.

shih tzu turns 2 grabbing toyshih tzu cute little butt

Look at that cute little Shih Tzu butt!! <3

shih tzu under bite toy birthdayshih tzu playing with toy birthday

That glorious under bite. Such a large attitude for such a small dog.

shih tzu under bite tongue

Please give me my toy back!

shih tzu playing birthday toy

Playing with his dad <3 (Yes, we call ourselves mom and dad to our dogs or should I call them furbabies? 😉 )

shih tzu birthday toy

My husband photobombs everything hahaha.

golden retriever mix birthday

Cutest dog face ever!

toy for golden retriever mix birhtdaygolden retriever Australian shepherd mix toy

So excited for her new toy!!

golden mix grabbing birthday toy

Most gentle grab in the history of dog. “May I please have this from your hand?”

golden retriever mix playing with toygolden retriever australian shepherd dog

“So excited! Look at my new toy!”

golden mix playing with toy

Majestic leap for her toy.

shih tzu and golden mix dogs playing

Playing together with their birthday toys. (Do you see him already going for her toy?)

shih tzu stealing dog toy

And there….. he took it.


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I hope you enjoyed the celebration photos of my fur babies birthday 🙂 They definitely make my heart warm and full of joy. <3

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