How Your Wedding Photographer Tells Your Love Story

Your love story is like nothing else in the world. It’s unique, special to the two of you, and a story worth capturing. From the first time your eyes met, to the day the two of you become one, the journey leading to your wedding is one that’s never happened in this way before. It’s an insane thing to be a part of, even if it is simply for a day or so as your photographer. We’re storytellers, so we love to hear every detail of your love story, almost as much as we love capturing it. It’s my passion to take pictures that are a reflection of you, and what your relationship truly is. Especially all of the many subtle, but real moments of the day leading up to the I do’s.
That’s the job of the wedding photographer in a nutshell. We’re supposed to be flies on the wall of your wedding, and capture the whole picture of your big day. That means every moment of laughter, teasing, nervous jitters, and the big smiles you give your spouse-about-to-be when you see them dressed up all fancy for you. Because we’ve spent so much time getting to you know the both of you, we know exactly where to be and how to capture your personalities in the way that you want to remember it.
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Speaking of getting to know you, we’ll be doing a lot of that while we plan out how we’re going to photograph your wedding. We like to start with a simple question like, ‘so, how did you meet?’, and we find from there that the conversation just flows into all of the wonderful details of your love story. We’ve heard so many stories, and we’ve found that no two are like each other. No matter what your story is, whether you’ve spent years adventuring together, or just met a month ago, it’s one that’s bursting with all of your fondest memories, and that’s what we want to capture. Because your wedding day is such a blur, it’s important to have someone there whose sole job is to store up those memories you make. It’s like we’re writing down everything you don’t have time to, and compiling it into a precious book for you to remember always.
Marie Cameron Photography Kingan Gardens Wedding Carranza first look kiss I remember the whirlwind it was on my own wedding day, and all of the millions of details that were on my mind. It was like I was the director of my favorite movie, but also the star, so my mind was being pulled in so many directions. Having a wedding photographer that I loved and trusted lifted such a burden off of my shoulders, so I could focus on slowing down and enjoying one of the best days of my life. Trust is something that you spend time building, and as wedding photographers, it’s one of our top priorities. We spend so much time on all the details for the same reason that you do when planning out your big day: because it’s one of the most special days of your life, we want to make sure it’s perfect.

I want your love story to be told the way you want, in a way that reflects who you are, both as individuals and as a couple. I want to capture all of the things that make your relationship as wonderful as it is. The subtle moments of fun, sarcasm, joy, quirkiness, and tenderness that make your love for each other so unique. Every laugh, every happy tear, and everything in between. It’s a story worth remembering, and it’s one that I’d love to tell.

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