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One of my favorite things right now for photo sessions is movement. It adds a special touch to all photos and makes them come to life. I don’t want to capture super posed photos of you and your loved one. I want to capture you two just being. Laughing, hugging, kissing. The real stuff.

Being engaged is a special time in your life, you’re only engaged once! And if you think about it, all of those photos you see on Pinterest that you love so much? Sure they might have gorgeous light but the reason they have stuck with you for so long is probably the emotion or mood that the image shows. You want those real moments, you want that genuine connection that you have to show through. And that’s my goal. I love true emotions and connections. To show the real you so have those memories for forever <3

Desert Engagement Outfit Inspiration | Floral maxi | Layered sweater

As an engagement/wedding photographer, I start all of my photo sessions with some time of movement. My favorite go-to pose is walking because its so natural. As a person having your photo taken, I would constantly second guess myself. Is my arm the right way? Am I doing this right? Ah, do I smile?? I put myself in your shoes and I understand what its like to be in front of the camera. Walking helps remove all the pre-session jitters. You just walk and all of the worries disappear. You just think about your significant other, say some jokes to each other, have a conversation about your day and BOOM! Candid laughing, smiling, movement. AND bonus points! They are usually my clients favorite photos! (and mine! 😉 )

If you’re just now seeing this series, last week I started a new thing called Instagram Friday Favorite. This is where I share my own personal favorite Instagram photos as well as my favorite Instagram photos of wedding vendors in the Tucson, Arizona area. If you’re curious you can check out the first post here.

You can check out all of my Instagram Friday Favorite posts with the following hashtag #mariesfridayfavorite on Instagram! <3

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