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This week I am featuring this gorgeous cake from Heartsweet Cakes. Heartsweet Cakes is one of Phoenix, Arizona’s premier wedding cakeries (a.k.a bakery). The owner, Haley, has some serious talent when it comes to cake decorating. All of her cakes have that expert touch and grace. I mean, just look at the photo above. Look at that detail!! I have yet to try one of her gorgeous cakes but if it tastes anything like the outside looks, I can only imagine being in cake heaven. If you want to explore some gorgeous cake and other details you can check out her Instagram here.

Her most recent blog post has me swooning even more. If anyone knows me, they know I am obsessed with succulents. I have cactus tattoo and if I can put a cactus in a planter in my home I will jump at the chance. How drop dead beautiful is this succulent air plant cake trio? So So beautiful (photos by Rachel Solomon).  You can the post in all of its glory here.

Succulent Cat Kitten Cake Instagram Friday Favorite Marie Cameron Photography Heartsweet cakes

Succulent Cake Instagram Friday Favorite Marie Cameron Photography Heartsweet cakes

If you’re just now seeing this series, last week I started a new thing called Instagram Friday Favorite. This is where I share my own personal favorite Instagram photos as well as my favorite Instagram photos of wedding vendors in the area. If you’re curious you can check out the first post here.

You can check out the post on Instagram here:

You can check out all of my Instagram Friday Favorite posts with the following hashtag #mariesfridayfavorite on Instagram! <3

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