My Personal Love Story

With me capturing so many new love stories, I wanted to share mine so anyone considering me to shoot their love story understands my infatuation with love.

My husband, Josh, and I met in August of 2013 in an unlikely place, on a app called Tinder. If you don’t know what Tinder is, it is a dating app. Your Tinder profile is made up only of your first name, age, photos of your choice and any pages you’ve ‘liked’ on Facebook. Tinder then finds you potential matches near you (you can narrow it down by searching by age and distance) and if they like you, you swipe right to ‘like’ them. If not, you swipe left and ‘pass’. If they’ve also ‘liked’ you – bingo, its a match and you can start communicating. Sounds pretty shallow right? Well look at the photos Josh had posted on his profile:
Marie Cameron Photography TucsonYes, those were his photos. Ha ha! As soon as I saw these photos, I knew I had to swipe right. We met up the same night that we started talking on the app. We hit it off and spent every waking moment together that we could. After about a couple days of dating, Josh told me that he was going to be deployed overseas for 6 months in a couple weeks. I was already head over heels for this man, so I knew that even though 6 months apart at the very beginning of a relationship is tough, I was willing to make it work if he was. Through his deployment we learned so much about each other. We learned about each other in a ways that you wouldn’t normally learn about someone. Many hours emailing and skype-ing, that’s all we had. We missed a lot of important moments; our first holidays, my graduation from college, both of our birthdays but we talked every moment that we could.

And then in March of 2014 he returned. About a month and a half later we were engaged <3 We had planned to get married on our one year anniversary but with him being in the military, things never quite work out the way you plan. They told him that he was going to get deployed again in three days. There was no way I was going to let him leave again before we got married. So we called an officiant and got married the next day at a cute little park on the north side of town. With it being so last minute we didn’t even have time to get a photographer or even invite friends and family. My mother and her friend used a dslr to capture some shots of the moment. It was one of the happiest days of my life to marry the man of my dreams.

Tucson Park WeddingTucson Park Wedding

Since everything was so last minute, Josh’s parents were unable to be a part of our celebration. Because of this we decided to have a ceremony/reception in Texas where almost all of his relatives lived. We planned and planned and on April 18th 2015 we had a wedding ceremony in Texas. We had wonderful photos taken by Christina Griffin of Ads & Ella Photography. (If you are ever in the San Antonio area, I would definitely recommend checking her out. She is AMAZING!!) <3 Here are just some of our bridal photos below:

Tucson Arizona Wedding PhotographerTucson Arizona Wedding Photographer

Tucson Arizona Wedding PhotographerTucson Arizona Wedding PhotographerTucson Arizona Wedding PhotographerTucson Arizona Wedding PhotographerTucson Arizona Wedding PhotographerTucson Arizona Wedding Photographer

We then had our ceremony at Semenya Dance Studio in San Antonio. Surrounded by our family and friends we said our hand-written vows. Just thinking back to this day makes me get teary eyed again. The love I had and still have for this man, is so overwhelming its hard to keep it all inside. I don’t think there was one dry eye in the audience.

Tucson Arizona Wedding PhotographerTucson Arizona Wedding PhotographerTucson Arizona Wedding Photographer

Tucson Arizona Wedding Photographer

After we read our vows, it was time to eat and party! 🙂

Everyone’s love story is unique. Not everyone meets in a picture perfect way like in the movies. Weddings don’t go as planned and lives get in the way but that is what makes a love story so special. Your story is uniquely yours and its only yours. Its hard to not love love <3

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