Thanksgiving 2015

Thanksgiving in the Cameron Household

Thanksgiving in the Cameron Household has always been spent at my mother’s house. My husband’s family lives in Texas so our closest family is my mother who lives around 45 minutes south of us in beautiful Corona de Tucson. There is not much out there but it is very pretty and quiet. The perfect getaway from a long, long week (November is always such a crazy month!).

This year was no different. Except my brother, who is in the Marines, was able to take leave and fly down to Tucson and spend a couple weeks with us. He is currently stationed in the very chilly and cold state of Virginia. This meant my mother was going to go ALL OUT for Thanksgiving this year.

Since my brother was in town I convinced my family we had to do some bonding. We all signed up to participate in the 22nd Annual Thanksgiving Cross-Country Classic at Reid Park, except we opted for the less extreme Co-Ed 1.5 mile Fun Run/Walk (woo! Go us!). The perks of doing a run like this the morning of Thanksgiving is that you automatically feel like you earned a huge feast for dinner. A complete win-win.

We had a full house with our two dogs, her two dogs, and my brother. The boys sat on the couch, watched TV, and messed around on their phones. My mom worked in the kitchen to make the gloriously yummy dinner we were going to eat. The dogs circled the kitchen hoping that little bits would fall onto the ground so they could eat some of the stuff that smelled so delicious.SAR Tucson Turkey Trot Fun Run

SAR Fun Run Turkey Trot Family Picture

SAR Fun Run Ribbons Group Shot

We all received participation ribbons! Woohoo 🙂 My mother loved the run so much she wants to do it every year now.

Thanksgiving Table Decorations Pumpkins Lights

Uhm, how gorgeous are these table decorations???

Desert Cacti Potted PlantsIndoor Potted Tucson Cacti and FountainIndoor plant decorations

If you can’t tell, my mothers house is seriously green. She has a major green thumb and a knack for decorating.

Fall table decorations pumpkinsAngry Orchard Holiday DrinksHoliday wine bottle and glassWine opening and pouring

What would thanksgiving be without a good glass of wine and a handsome man to open the bottle for you? 😉

Family Dog Photos HolidayHoliday Photos Pitbull and maltese poodle mixHusband sitting with shih tzu puppy

Did I mention it was a full house?

Thanksgiving Mashed PotatoesThanksgiving cranberry pears and green bean casseroleHoliday photos golden retriever and shih tzu puppiesGuys playing cellphone gamesGerman Thanksgiving KnoedelHoliday pumpkin pie and wine

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! and if you participate in the crazy madness of Black Friday, be safe out there!

Much love, Marie <3

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