Tips for Warm Weather Weddings

Your wedding day landing in a summer month isn’t the end of the world. Even here in Tucson, Arizona it’s not the end of the world; in fact, summer can make your wedding all the better. Outdoor weddings are some of the most beautiful ones, where you’re surrounded by all the glory of nature while pledging your life to your greatest love. It does pose its own unique challenges, however, like heatstroke becoming a real issue and ‘it’s just sweat’ becoming the reason for unwanted tears. I’ve been photographing warm weather weddings for some time now, and I’ve gathered a few tips from my experience. Here’s a few of them!

Have an evening wedding

The later in the day that you make your ceremony, the cooler it’ll be, which will be a plus for everyone involved. The setting sun provides a colorful backdrop to a beautiful wedding, but make sure you’re not blinding the audience at the same time. It might seem like an odd one, but think about facing your audience anywhere but west for a sunset wedding, if possible.

Print your programs on thick cardstock, or provide fans

If you’ve attended an outdoor wedding in a summer month, chances are you’ve used their program to cool yourself down. Why not stay a step ahead and have fans waiting for them when they sit down? You could even order paper parasols too, which are the perfect blend of form and function when it comes to keeping out the sun.

Agua Linda Farms Wedding Tucson Arizona Marie Cameron Photography bride and groom portraits

Take your wedding party photos before the ceremony

Doing this will cut down on the time that you’re spending outdoors following the ceremony, even though it might be a bit warmer because you’re taking the photos earlier in the day. But if you do, all that’d be left afterwards would be the family portraits, and all the fun of celebrating your new marriage!

Consider your hair, dress and makeup

Keep the warm weather in mind when dress shopping for the bride and the bridesmaids, and don’t forget about the guys either. Choose something a bit more breathable, as layers will be your enemy here. For the guys, maybe stick with dress shirts instead of tuxedos. Also, consider wearing your hair up to keep cool, and make sure your makeup artist sets your makeup – there will be sweat!

Keep everybody hydrated

Make sure that you have lots of iced down water bottles or a water station for your guests throughout the whole day. Keeping everybody hydrated throughout your big day is crucial! The only people you want fainting are the ones who just can’t handle how beautiful your wedding is. Provide your guests with lots of cold and tasty drinks, and you can even stock up on cold things like popsicles, ice cream or snow cones to help beat the heat.

Don’t let the heat scare you. Your warm weather wedding will be beautiful and bearable with a bit of planning, and I’d love to capture it. Contact me here to book your wedding!

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