10 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wedding Vendors

When you’re planning your wedding, choosing the perfect wedding vendors is one of the most difficult and important decisions you’ll make. At the end of the day, these are the people who are responsible for making sure your wedding runs as smoothly as possible. When Josh and I got engaged, most of my energy was focused on researching vendors to make sure we would have the absolute best for us and our needs. I want to help make your wedding day run as smoothly and as stress-free as possible. Here are 10 tips to help you choose the right ones for you!

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Create a budget:

It’s best to know what your budget should be for each vendor before you start looking. This way you can decide which ones you want and you can hire the best vendor in each category in the price point you can afford. You don’t want to spend too much on one vendor that it takes away from others.

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Start with your venue:

The venue is the backdrop for your entire wedding and will set the scene for your wedding. Date, time and location; it’s important to have this booked first because this is information you need to start booking other vendors.

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Go to industry events:

The tickets may cost a little bit of money but you’ll get a large range of vendors at once and you’ll be able to experience at least a part of each vendor’s services/products.

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Ask friends:

When hiring your wedding vendors, do your own background check. Read the reviews. Check references. Talk to recently married friends, see who they used and get their opinions.

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What’s right for one isn’t right for all:

At the end of the day, some vendors are just better than others. But that doesn’t mean the perfect wedding vendors for someone else are going to be right for you. Each vendor you find is going to have a different personal style and it’s important to find one that can share your vision. Just because your best friend loved the florist she used for her wedding does not mean you’ll have the same experience! When you find the right vendor, you’ll know!

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Take every element into consideration:

When selecting your wedding vendors it’s important to keep the 4 P’s in mind – passion, product, personality and price! (Credit – Jove Meyer)

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Go with your gut:

This one is a little less about tangible elements of a vendor, and more about how you feel about them. Did you personally connect with your florist’s artistic vision, even though she’s slightly out of your price range? Take these elements into consideration when making your selection. On your big day, you want to be surrounded by an exceptional team behind the scenes, making the day spectacular and making you feel comfortable and happy. The peace of mind that comes with booking vendors that you actually like and want to work with is priceless.

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Read ALL of the Contract:

Make sure you fully understand all details before signing to ensure that your needs will be met.

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There’s more to service that price:

Or what some people say ‘you get what you pay for’. The key to choosing your vendors is keeping this in mind. In the event world, there are vendors that are just starting out, and those that are seasoned. You are going to pay more for the seasoned, and less for those who are just growing their business. Take into account how many hours, what type of service, quantity, and logistics. Make sure as you are shopping prices, you weigh all the variables.

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Be honest about your budget:

If you inquired with enthusiasm and the reply proposal is out of your budget and you’re feeling discouraged, don’t stop there. I greatly appreciate a couple that lets me know and tries to find a solution that works for everyone. Most vendors offer payment plans so it’s not as great of a chunk out of your pocket at once!

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In the end, you will find, that knowing who the right vendors are, is like marrying your best friend. Stick with someone you can count on, can communicate well with, and who will help you reach your dreams.
Happy planning!
xoxox Marie

10 tips for choosing the perfect wedding vendors Tucson Wedding Photographer

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