Vendor Spotlight: Skyline Country Club

Meet Michelle with Skyline Country Club

Last month I had the privilege of meeting with Michelle at the gorgeous wedding venue called Skyline Country Club. The venue is located on Swan Rd north of Sunrise Dr up near the mountains. You get a drop dead gorgeous view of the city and you get a killer mountain view, can you say best of both worlds?

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For my Vendor Spotlights, I ask a couple questions about wedding days and the planning process to help brides get to know their vendor both professionally and personally. Here is what Michelle has to say!

Skyline Country Club Wedding Venue Front Entrance

How long have you been working at Skyline Country Club?

I’ve been here for 3 years. They didn’t actually have this position [Wedding Coordinator] when I started working here. I sort of worked my way up, started as an Events assistant for about a year and a half and then transitioned to Wedding Coordinator. Over the past year and a half, the weddings have increased a lot and now Skyline is a destination for wedding ceremonies and reception. Especially because of the fantastic views of the whole city. It’s kind of nice being in Arizona and not having cactus and dirt be your natural setting. And at Skyline everything is ceiling to floor windows, we really want to concentrate on everyone having a view of the city.

Skyline Country Club Wedding Venue Green Grass Tucson Arizona

Do you have to use the in-house caterer if you have a wedding at your venue?

Yes, there is no outside food or alcohol allowed on the premise just because of our liquor license and the with health code regulations. But we have stellar food here. So on The Knot, which is like the #1 wedding website; we love The Knot, we’ve got amazing reviews. They are pretty much all 5 star reviews and they talk about the service, how wonderful it is. We really like to concentrate on food. A lot of times we will set up a package to fit a person’s budget and then kind of go from there. We have example packages in our wedding brochure. We had this awesome July Italian wedding last year and Taylor, which was the bride’s name, wanted it to be very Italian but we don’t have a plated dinner package that’s Italian. So we just got her budget and custom made with the Chef on a plated menu that she really liked. We are really aimed to please about food. That’s one of our number one priorities here.

Skyline Country Club Wedding Venue Mountain Views

How early would you recommend someone to book their wedding with you?

At least a year because then you get everything that you want as far as vendors are concerned and the date that you want. I just booked a wedding for October 2017 and that was about 3-4 months ago. So I would say anywhere from a year to 15 months.

Skyline Country Club Wedding Venue Stair Case Lights

Which months book the fastest for you?

October, November, March and April. Those are the prime seasons when the weather is the best.

Skyline Country Club Wedding Venue Balcony Green Grass Mountain Views

What would you say is a bride’s favorite thing about your venue?

Definitely the staircase and the view. Our brides love, love, love that staircase.

Skyline Country Club Wedding Venue Stair Case

Are you involved on the wedding day?

Yes, I am the wedding coordinator. I book them and then we work together all the way through. We will do the tasting together, where they taste all the yummy food. We can do a mock up where we set up linens and chairs so they can see what colors they’re interested in. I do the floor plan with them and then I do the timeline as well with them. We do the ceremony rehearsal, which is the day prior. So everyone comes in and then we go step by step through the whole process. I am not a wedding planner though, so I don’t blow up balloons and stuff like that. I stay till at least cake cutting and then the DJ usually takes it from there.

Skyline Country Club Wedding Venue Green Grass Mountain Views

What is your favorite part of the event or wedding day?

I’d say the planning process. That’s the most fun for me. Working with them, getting the table-scapes. The mock ups are my favorite part. Where you get to see everything come together, you get to look at all the pretty linens and then they bring in their florals. And really getting to know the client, I think that’s my most favorite part of the planning process and working with them and their families to make it be what they really want.

Skyline Country Club Wedding Venue Inside Chandelier

Who are your favorite celebrities and why?

Hmmm. I really have to think about that. There’s so many people that I love! Jennifer Aniston, she’s always fabulous, with her Jennifer cut from Friends. Cause Friends is amazing. Uhm, I feel there’s so many celebrities out there that are so good! Rebel Wilson, I die for. She’s amazing and so funny. Love her!

Skyline Country Club Wedding Venue Mountain Views All sides

If you could go anywhere tomorrow, where would you go?

Bahamas for sure, I was just talking about that with someone else. I’ve been dying to go to the Bahamas. I’ve always wanted to go to the Atlantis resort and I’ve never gone! That water slide looks so fun and they have an aquarium where you can eat dinner under. It looks so fun!

Skyline Country Club Wedding Venue Building Tucson

A big thank you to Michelle and Skyline Country Club for participating in our vendor spotlight! As you can tell the mountain views and beautiful grass make this wedding venue the place to get married!

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